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    What's the name of the "theory" of when you are taken all of a sudden having other people wanting you?

    What is the politically correct saying someone has "special needs"?

    What is a "healthy" waist size (inches pls) to be considered in shape?

    How do I view photos with multiple "channels" without photoshop?

    Even if meant platonic, do forms of touching between a man & woman send a "more than friends" message?

    What do most Americans think about the "Ass"inuate in the big house?


    Can someone make a World of Warcraft macro to heal a "target-of-target"?

    How do you say "She dreams of Paris", "Angel Wings" and "Lavender Blossom" in French?

    What's the difference between a guy saying you're "cute", "pretty", or "beautiful"?

    Grammar question? Difference between using "start" and "is starting"?

    How do I nicely tell my girlfriend that I don't like her "pet" name for me?

    How much property "Women" will the mighty Allah bless me with?

    What does "intimate" in "intimate band" mean?

    Is it just me or does "Marijuana" by Kid Cudi sound like "Poppa Was a Playa" by Nas?

    would i start seeing body toning results with this "regime"?

    Where is the "While not" key on TI-84 Silver Calculators?

    How long will it take until the glee project episode 10 is online. without any "surveys!"?

    Clothing question for the movie "Life As We Know It"?

    What's the difference between "restricted stock" and "stock options" from accounting perspective?

    How can anybody honestly claim that "God demands to be accepted through faith"?

    What do you think of the name "Zaid?" Is it too close to the name "Ziva"?

    What are "maximum", "moderate", and "performance" running shoes?

    What are the "average incomes" for people in America and "average" home values ?

    What is the difference between "freedom from..." and "freedom to..."?

    What's the difference between "God of" and "Personification of" in reference to Greek Mythology?

    Why is "system integration" made out to be difficult, justifying modifications to a contract ?

    What "shorting" action is worth paying attention to about the stock market in general to predict a downturn?

    What's the difference between an "unrated" movie and a "not rated" movie?

    What's the difference between the "anode", "negative", and "ground"?

    Is "equality for the sexes" a Trojan Horse that feminists use to fool people into supporting their movement?

    What is the difference between "international studies" and "cultural anthropology"?

    What is "sashimi grade" and what makes sashimi okay for people to consume?

    How "fast" was the universe expanding during the first one second of the big bang?

    How to pronounce the letter "seen" in the Arabic alphabet?

    What does "hopefully yours" in a letter mean, and when is it appropriate to use it?

    How do you say "Streaker" and "Streaking" in different languages?

    How are the stories told by the tribes "story tellers" important to welfare of the tribe?

    How were "Illiad and "odyssey originally communicated to their audience?

    What term should I use other than "boyfriend" to introduce my love interest to family and friends?

    What's the difference between "appeared to be giving" and "appeared to have given"?

    What's the difference between "nauseous" and "nauseated?"?

    How does "Unlimited Downloading" work through the Rhapsody subscription?

    What is the difference between a Facebook "Fan Page" and an ordinary Facebook profile?

    What's the difference between "friends with benefits" and a prostitute?

    How do "lefties" deal with being on synchronized skating team?

    What's the difference between "bio" and "non-bio" laundry tabs?

    What is the difference between "promotion" and "promotional"?

    How can I "plaster" my bedroom ceiling OR whom can do the "work" for me?

    What are the Chinese novels "Water Margin" and "Dream of the Red Chamber" about?

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